A Tiny Poem by Kid President

Kid President is a really cute kid in a suit whose goal in life is to make the world “awesome”. He has done countless uplifting YouTube videos with the likes of BeyoncĂ©, Barack Obama and many more celebs. His main mission is to help kids like him (big kids like us too!) to be inspired by doing acts of kindness and helping those around us. He was recently invited to the United Nations and this was his “Tiny Poem” that he wanted to share with us.

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#EndViolence against children


UNICEF began a campaign calling for an end to violence against children. Automatically, you would think why would they need to actually do a campaign on something so obvious right? Wrong.

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Cold Lake, Canada… We salute you!

I read an article today on CBC online about a town in Canada known as Cold Lake. This town experienced what an unfortunate large amount of towns have faced in the western world.
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