#BooksOverBombs First Fundraising Campaign!

“I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions, they will be moved to act.” Bill Gates

The BOB Foundation Ltd. has launched its first fundraising campaign. Our goal is simple: Raise $1000 to design and print 100 T-shirts. The sales of those T-shirts can either pay for the annual education cost (including books, stationery, etc.) of 18 children or the construction of an entire classroom!

Simply follow the steps on the following link gofund.me/booksoverbombs and donate to help us support the education of children in refugee camps. Right now, only a small percentage of refugee kids have access to school. As the situation in Syria and Iraq intensifies, going back home in the near future for these kids does not seem to be an option. Instead, they are at the risk of becoming child brides or being exposed to the hardships of child labour. Kids need an education and school can play a fundamental role to helping them heal from the atrocities they have witnessed.

Every dollar counts. Small change can make a big difference.

Once again, to donate…. gofund.me/booksoverbombs

Love & Light,



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